Intro and Background

Info on how the Private API bundle was created, what functions it uses, how to contribute, and more.


We initially created the helper bundle with the goal of allowing BlueBubbles clients to be able to see and send typing indicators, as well as to send reactions. Over time, the helper project has grown to support the following:

  1. Send reactions

  2. Send and receive typing indicators

  3. Mark chats read on the server Mac

  4. Mark chats unread on the server Mac (requires MacOS 13+)

  5. Rename group chats

  6. Add / remove participants from group chats

  7. Leave group chat

  8. Update group chat photo (requires MacOS 11+)

  9. Send messages

  10. Send replies (requires MacOS 11+)

  11. Send message effects

  12. Send message with subject

  13. Send mentions

  14. Update pinned chats on the server Mac (requires MacOS 11, higher versions are currently unsupported)

  15. Edit messages (requires MacOS 13+)

  16. Unsend messages (requires MacOS 13+)

  17. Check user focus status (requires MacOS 12+)

  18. Force notify a message (requires MacOS 12+)

  19. Retrieve Digital Touch and Handwritten message previews (requires MacOS 11+)

  20. Create chats

  21. Delete chats

  22. Delete messages

  23. Check user iMessage and FaceTime status

Supported Devices & Platforms

The bundle has been tested on MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) - MacOS 13 (Ventura). It could work on higher or lower MacOS versions, but we do not know for sure.

The bundle supports both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

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