Nginx Proxy Manager

This guide will show you how to setup your own dynamic DNS using your own self-hosted server, running Nginx Proxy Manager


  • NGINX Proxy Manager with port 80 and 443 forwarded properly

  • Bluebubbles server running and accessible from the machine which is running NGINX

How to

  1. Set Proxy Service to Dynamic DNS. Set your hostname to be

    • Keep Use Custom Certificate off

    • Ensure the local port is 1234

  2. Add a new Proxy Host in NGINX

    1. Set the domain name to

    2. Set scheme to http

    3. Set Forward Hostname / IP to the IP address of your mac

    4. Set Forward Port to 1234

    5. Turn on Block Common Exploits & Websocket Support

    6. Click on the SSL Tab

    7. Click on the dropdown and select Request a new SSL Certificate

    8. Check all 4 options

  3. Your Bluebubbles instance should now be accessible at !


Guide created by @pablito in the BlueBubbles Discord

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