Disabling SIP on Unofficial Macs for the Private API

Sometimes VMs/Hackintoshes/Patched Macs can be a bit finnicky to disable SIP - oftentimes you will only end up with SIP partially disabled when running csrutil disable in the terminal.

Here are some steps that have worked for our users running various different unofficial macOS.

OpenCore Legacy Patcher

Use the OpenCore Configurator and check the following boxes:

Once complete, build OpenCore again and reboot. Done!

OpenCore Big Sur

  1. Mount the EFI Partition using OpenCore

  2. Open the config.plist file in the OC folder (I opened in OpenCore)

  3. Create two entries:

    1. NVRAM -> Delete -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> csr-active-config

    2. NVRAM -> Add -> 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 -> csr-active-config: Value: 67000000


Method 1

  1. Start by booting to macOS and opening a Terminal application window. Next, enter the command given below. This will create a NVRAM variable with the desired value, but misspelled variable name. This misspelling will be corrected in a later step.\

    sudo nvram Asr-active-config=%7f%00%00%00
  2. Shutdown macOS. Add the following to the bottom of the VMX file:\

    bios.forceSetupOnce = "TRUE"

    Save the VMX file and boot up macOS.\

  3. You should be brought to the Boot Manager screen below. Select the EFI Internal Shell, as shown below.\

  4. Set the current filesystem to the EFI volume. This should be the mapped fs0 filesystem, so you would enter the following\


    Next, verify the label is EFI by entering the command below.\


    If wrong, then try fs1:, fs2:, fs3:, ....\

  5. Enter the command below to save the Asr-active-config variable to the file csr.bin.\

    dmpstore Asr-active-config -s csr.bin

    Next, enter the command below to edit the csr.bin file.\

    hexedit csr.bin

    You will need to correct the spelling by replacing the letter A with the letter c. The can be done by typing a 63 over the 41 on the first line. The corrected file will appear as shown below. When finished save the changes and exit.

    Enter the command below to create the csr-active-config variable in NVRAM.\

    dmpstore -l csr.bin

    SIP will now be disabled on the next boot of macOS. If desired, enter the command below to remove the Asr-active-config variable from NVRAM.\

    dmpstore -d Asr-active-config
  6. Enter the command below to leave the command shell.\


    From the Boot Manager, select Mac OS X to boot macOS.\

Method 2 (Requires VMWare Workstation Pro)

  1. Shutdown your VM

  2. Choose Power on to Firmware from the Virtual Machine menu

  3. Select “Enter Setup”

  4. Boot from a file

  5. Arrow down to Recovery HD

  6. Hit enter until you can pick boot.efi

  7. Select boot.efi

  8. Hit enter

  9. You are now in recovery mode - open terminal from the Utilities menu, type csrutil disable, and reboot your VM.

SIP should now be disabled and you can proceed with setting up the Private API!

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