Tailscale VPN Setup

This guide will show you how you can use your existing Tailscale VPN account to connect to your BlueBubbles Server (via a Funnel), without port-forwarding
  1. 3.
    Add Tailscale as an alias to your .bashrc, .zshrc, or shell config to make it easier: alias tailscale="/Applications/"
  2. 4.
    In the terminal, enter the command tailscale serve tcp --terminate-tls 1234 (use the Bluebubbles local port). The Bluebubbles server will be served by port 443 as the default, but ports 8443 or 10000 can also be used by adding the flag -serve-port 8443 / 10000
  3. 5.
    Turn Tailscale Funnel on by running tailscale serve funnel on.
  4. 6.
    Check the funnel status by running tailscale serve status or in more detail bytailscale server status --json.
  5. 7.
    Configure Bluebubbles to use the domain listed by the command above, including the port (default 443).
  6. 8.
    Wait for Tailscale to propagate their DNS with your domain (estimated time 10 minutes to 24 hours).
  7. 9.
    Done. Tailscale will take care of certification at and send it to No port forwarding is necessary.
Thanks to @bobspop in Discord for creating this guide.