Multiple Users on the Same Mac

This guide helps you run BlueBubbles for multiple people on the same Mac


  1. Create another user account on your Mac, preferably with admin capabilities

  2. Turn on "Fast Login Switching"

    • When you switch between accounts on the Mac, you will want to use the Switch accounts using the menu bar method

  3. Setup BlueBubbles on the new user

    1. You will need to provide a different Firebase JSON and Admin SDK JSON for this user

    2. You will need to provide a different Ngrok auth token for this user

    3. You will need to provide a different port number for the server to use

The other user should now be able to use BlueBubbles simultaneously with the original BlueBubbles user!

Caveats / Notes

  • You will not be able to auto-login multiple users. You can only select one user to be auto logged in when macOS first boots up, or after a power outage.

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